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Two Amazing Healthcare Charts


I love great charts. A great chart tells a story with a balance of clarity, beauty, and parsimony. Kaiser Fung (@junkcharts) shares two such charts on the relationship between national per capita health expenditures and life expectancy. These data aren’t new, but they are beautifully presented here to tell a very clear story with such elegant simplicity.

I wish I made more charts like these. It is their simplicity which makes them so artfully compelling.

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Technology helps drive high cost of U.S. healthcare | Healthcare IT News


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NEW YORK – Higher prices and greater use of technology appear to be the main factors driving the high rates of U.S. spending on healthcare, rather than greater use of physician and hospital services, according to a new study from the Commonwealth Fund. The study found the U.S. spends more on healthcare than 12 other industrialized countries, yet does not provide “notably superior” care…

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There is a lot of talk around different types of healthcare advances, mhealth (mobile), ehealth (electronic) etc but to be honest, it all just comes down to healthcare evolution. Technology is driving some of the biggest advances and this video tries to explain what eHealth is.

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A 5-question quiz for encouraging discussion about end-of-life plans.


Some of the saddest cases I’ve seen in my career are patients with sudden catastrophic illness or trauma for whom their families are expected to make health-care decisions — and the families don’t know what the unconscious/critically-ill patient would want. Families are torn apart, arguing over whether to continue all life-prolonging interventions, vs focusing on keeping the patient comfortable.

You may think you’re too young and healthy to need an Advance Directive, but massive trauma or overwhelming infection can happen to anyone. Do your family a favor and check out this website, which provides the simplest End of Life Wishes discussion guide I’ve ever seen, and includes links for creating an Advance Directive. Use it, and pass it on!